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Lag Spike - US Aerie Peak
Welcome to the official Lag Spike guild website! We are US Aerie Peak raiding guild with an awesome core of skilled and experienced players. We also know how to have fun, with guild chat that is lively and very R rated at times.

Check out our various forums for discussion of all types. If you're interested in raiding, check out the Raid Team application section, and fill out an app today!

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Jun 30, 2010 at 11:14 AM
Cool Guy
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Ruby Sanctum

Lag Spike made its first jump into Ruby Sanctum last night. We did decently well, clearing all the minibosses without too much trouble. The trash kept us busy for a while, but once it stopped glitching out it was pretty easy.

Halion is still a work in progress, we have easily mastered P1, but a few of the pugs we had with us couldn't quite learn how to not stand in lazor beams, so we got him down to about 50% and that was it. We only got to make a few attempts before people had to leave. We're definitely going to get it down when we go back on Friday however.

Keep on Lagging Out!
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