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#2826734 Jul 01, 2010 at 08:19 PM
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Character Name- Rmz

Class and Spec- Rogue, combat specialization at the moment.

Raid Experience- I was a average raider back when WotLK started. I sort of drifted away from the game because of school and social things (aha?) I've done:

Ulduar: 1/?
Naxxramas: Full cleared
Trial of the Crusader: Did the beasts and jaraxxus on 25 man. None on 10 man.
Obsidium Sanctum: Cleared but only regular.

Wowheroes or Armory Link

WoL/WMO Report: The most i've seen out of me was about 8k in 25 man ICC. in 10 man, i do about 4-6k roughly.

Alts: i have a healing cow.. does that count? :)

Why you want to raid with us:

I would like to raid with Lag Spike because of the guild name. aha! just kidding. i would like to find a solid raiding guild, and well.. i think i've found it. Your guys' raiding schedules are absolutely perfect for me. I saw the advertisement on trade chat and started to talk about the guild with Harsuulis. One of the first things that i noticed was his attitude. He was friendly, cool, and seemed really laidback. I hope im welcome in your new guild and i'm hoping y'all can get back to me asap! Thanks.

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#2826765 Jul 01, 2010 at 08:30 PM
Cool Guy
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Hey, you suckup! DENIED. Your gear and dps look a little low for what we are needing right now, but your dps is actually quite good for your gear level, which is a BIG plus. Undergeared dpsing is actually one of my hobbies. :P

Anyway, it looks fine, and we'll certainly help you gear up, as you look pretty promising.

I'll try and get a hold of you ingame.
If I disconnect, it means my Vista melted...
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#2826919 Jul 01, 2010 at 09:21 PM · Edited over 12 years ago
Lag Master
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If you like Harsuulis, you may have no place in this guild, since pretty much no one likes that noob.

Your dps seems pretty respectable for your gear level, and we can gear you up pretty well. Rogue gear drops like mad in pretty much every run we do for whatever reason. How much of ICC have you done?
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