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#3050067 Aug 19, 2010 at 09:46 AM
In your application to the Lag Spike Raid Team, please post the following items of information in a new thread under this forum.

Character Name Hotwings

Class and Spec Druid Resto

Raid Experience Raid healed all instances in origional as priest.
Played as a warlock in BC and cleared BT and most of sunwell. Cleared naxx, uldar, 3 drake srth and maly in wotlk.

Wowheroes or Armory Link

WoL/WMO Report: If you have a good parse from ICC please post a link. If not, its not a huge deal, just please give us some idea of how much dps you do if you are of the pew pew persuasion. I do not know how to respond to this I am not dps, and if a healer sucks people will start to die. as long as the boss is dead and my Raid frames do not resemble a graveyard I feel that I did my job.

Alts Doomsong, Recycled

Why you want to raid with us I don't know if I want too yet, to be honest I dont know you guys at all. I am looking for a decient guild for the expan. I do not want to raid every night, and I do not want a guild filled with pre-pubesent teenagers that cant even control there own egos. I used to raid with hardcore guilds andI just dont want that life anymore.
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