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(Jul 03, 2010)
Heeyyy guys... I gotta drop group... Cause... well, my kitchen's on fire... so... yea... /camp
(Jun 26, 2010)
The new lay out is awesome, nice job!
(Jun 25, 2010)
A big thanks for Kozar for the much-improved layout!
(Jun 25, 2010)
Remember not to get saved to Ruby Sanctum next week before we run it as a guild! We may add a tuesday or wednesday raid day just for lawls as well.
(Jun 24, 2010)
After mucking about for about 5 hours learning things, I've finished messing with the website layout. I'm happy with how the banner turned out! Enjoy.
(May 17, 2010)
Come discuss gulid issues in the Guild Meeting thread!
(May 04, 2010)
Hey everyone new, get ready to rumble through some raiding! Sign up and show up!
(Apr 15, 2010)
Welcome to our new recruits!
(Apr 06, 2010)
Check the ingame calendar for upcoming raids!
(Mar 29, 2010)
ICC 10 Rep Farm tonight, sign up on the calendar!
(Feb 11, 2010)
How is everyone? Hopefully we can plan another Naxx run soon. I would like to join up this time! :)
(Feb 02, 2010)
Feb Naxx Runs?
(Jan 21, 2010)
Nice! :)
(Jan 18, 2010)
likes the website!
(Jan 12, 2010)
Keep up the recruiting!
(Jan 11, 2010)
Welcome to the new website!
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